Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Where do I want to be.....

This is the interesting bit, the future, my plans and ideas. I have two goals one in the short term and one long term.

My mission statement or goal...

1) By early to mid 2010 I shall have paid off my house.

2) By age 40 (2017) I shall have a passive income of $100k.

This is my basic Financial plan

- 10% savings each week, when it reaches 1k, transfer it into share trading account, and wait for opportunity’s
- Leverage and High growth is primary focus (about 80% of my funds)
- Secure Blue Caps with good yield (about 20%)
- My wife's share portfolio look to buy high yielding good cash flow equities.


- Look to buy a property when I can put about 25% deposit in, and get about neutral cash flow.
- Be selective, look for properties that I can value add to.


- around 35-36 look to purchase / start a business
- May be online business or options/trading business
- Do ample market research and gain knowledge of what I'm doing

Investing Strategy

      1. Income
      2. Leverage
      3. Capital Growth
      4. Withdraw original capital and re-invest

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