Monday, March 24, 2008

Where am I Now....

Currently I have 3 Investment properties (2 apartments & small duplex) currently worth about $700k with mortgages of $520k and weekly rent's of $525. They are collectively losing about $13k a year (negatively geared) . The rents are due to go up soon, to close the gap.

I also have a share portfolio worth about $140k with a margin loan debt of $65k. Due to current share market volitility it's down about 30k from November. My portfolio is made up of 80% high growth companies and 20% income producing companies.

In that portfolio i look to invest primarily in growth companies that have a proven product, service or resource, and are 1-3 years away from massive expansion in there EPS.

I also have a house, my wife and I live in valued at about $700k with a debt of $550k. My goal is to have this paid off in 2-3 years.

My wife is building a small share portfolio as well at the moment it's worth $9.5k with a Margin loan debt of $3k. She is quite conservative. So I'm using the value investing model for her. 80% Income producing companies and 20% growth companies. Only investing in companies with long term secure earnings, that pay out a good percentage of profits in dividends.

Thats where we stand at the moment...

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