Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Beginning, It all must start somewhere!!

Welcome to my Investing Blog, this blog's purpose is to crystallize my thoughts on Investments, Money and Economics. To force me to write down my plans, execute my investing life according to a plan, to judge over time how well I do and how much i deviate from my plan. To also see how much it evolves over time....

This blog is NOT written for members of the public, however I'm obviously writing in a public sphere so it will be read by people if they stumble across it, and I welcome that. Feel free to make any comments you may have or ask any questions. If you feel this blog has something you think someone else may get benefit from, feel free to link it. At this stage I will not make any attempt to publicize the location of this blog. It is merely for my own benefit, maybe down the track I may change my mind.

I have a passion and a deep interest for Investing, Money, Finance, Economics, Politics, International Relations and History. I am all self taught, i have no formal skills, training or qualifications to make me a expert on anything. I work a normal middle class laboring job on a average wage.

Being "rich" is not my motivating factor I see it more of a challenge, I enjoy forcing myself to learn something new and create wealth with merely my brain, to think outside the square, to put all the little bits of knowledge and snippets of ideas into a coherent plan. To see through what people, companies or governments are saying and try and decipher the truth (well at least elements of it)

So over the following post's (however long it lasts) I shall write down where I wanna go with my life and where i started from and where I currently am. I shall try to be as honest and open about the different investments i make, As long as i don't give any personal information away.

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