Thursday, April 3, 2008

So how am I going to achieve what I said??

My 1st goal is to pay off my house, which I owe $550k on it. I have invested about $180k in hi-growth stocks, that should take off over the next 2 years. I have invested in companies like:

Equinox Minerals (EQN on the ASX) it has a massive copper mine about to commence production later this year. It has a projected 37 year life. This is what i like investing in. The transition from cash burning developer to actual producer. It should be in full production sometime in early 09. The EPS and hence the share price should go up allot, my prediction is in 2-3 years it be somewhere between $15-$22. Or it mostly likely be subject of a takeover. It's currently trading at $5.10 - $5.50.

Another one is Aim Resources (AIM) they have a zinc mine in Africa about to go into production this year, and full production next year. They are currently at about 0.10c. My prediction is that in 2-3 years they should be somewhere in the 0.30c - $1.50 range. Huge upside.

Another one is IBA Health (IBA) they are a e-health company that have just completed a company defining take over . They have long term secure earnings in a growth industry. We are all getting older . They are currently trading on a very low PE, because of the market volatility and the market is waiting to see how the company performs.

These are 3 of the 7 companies in my high growth portfolio...

Am I an expert?? NO! Am I guaranteed results? NO!
Ambitious, Brave, Foolhardy, Stupid, Dumb, Brilliant, well researched, Confidant and just plain dreaming are just some of the things I say to myself.

Life is a journey, the only thing guaranteed is that if I don't try, I won't succeed!

The best of the best scenario is that this portfolio with be worth $1.2M+ in 2-3 years. However back in the land of reality, I'm am quite confidant that I will not lose any money over the entire portfolio. If one of them is successful I should come out even, more than one I'm ahead. If it gets to pay out my house FANTASTIC!! It beats paying off a house over 30 years, and being a working slave!!

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Anonymous said...

I think EQN will be $ 12 by years end