Saturday, April 12, 2008

The dark before the dawn

Life eternally ebbs and flows in different directions, whether it's your personal life, relationships, business, job, investments or family. They all provided moments of sheer joy and at other times abject sorrow. Sometimes it seems the darkest just before dawn. When all hope is lost there is nothing but frustration and despair ahead.

That is the moment that as a individual, it is most important to fight through, to say 'I will not surrender' these moments is what makes us grow and become stronger or destroy us as a person. But it's at the darkest places in our lives it's the hardest to ever see a positive end.

It is only in hind sight that we later see that our darkest moment was also the closest moment in time to a new dawn. When life flowed back the other direction as it always does.

This blog is about my investing and finance so I'll focus on that aspect. At the moment interest rates are rising, share markets are tanking. Our living expenses are rising. Things are starting to look tough. It would be easy to sell up and remove these problems and take a loss. There are always problems in any business or endeavor, the challenge is to see through them and find solutions, which are always there.

But right now I look at all these different options and ways I could go. As different markets tank, and my maturity as a investor continues, I see so many opportunities available but I have no cash. In the words of a young Warren Buffet "I have more ideas than cash" So which way do I turn, what do I do???

And here's what I keep coming back to STICK TO THE PLAN, I've done things in last 8 months for a reason, according to a plan. Mostly which is in my head, but allot is written down. One thing my research and common sense tells me, is that jumping from one thing to the next is the easiest way of achieving nothing.

So sometimes the hardest thing to do, is to see all these opportunities and to do nothing about them. Mainly because I have no cash at the moment. But also because I have a plan with what I want to do and how I will get there. I also want to avoid over diversification, having money spread to thin. I do what I call 'focused diversification' (I'll write on that later)

Controlling my emotions and impulses when it comes to investing is the greatest challenge to wealth creation I face. Once I can truly master this I will be ready for the next level.

Sometimes I wonder is this blog to vague or cryptic. My ideas just sort of come to me, and they make sense to me when I'm writing it. But I wonder do they make sense to others???

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