Friday, October 2, 2009


Well as the GFC is diminishing into the background as these famous 'green shoots' take effect, what are the lessons to be learned for me personally

Well to be honest I believe this whole experience has been a great thing for me, even though I lost a fair bit of money last year, this recovery has been good to me.

I think the main lesson is research, research and more research. To follow a plan and stick to it and to have rules that govern my investing behavior. Not to just get into something because it seems like a good idea.

I have come though this, still standing with a reasonable portfolio left, not like I started with, I was forced to sell 2 properties and numerous share holdings. To pay down debts, like so many individuals and corporations. But everything is now on a much more secure footing. And am happy with my approach.

Am going to focus more on cash-flow and less on capital gains, Cash-flow is king. Capital gains can't pay the bills without selling or re-financing, cash-flow can.

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