Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I haven't written anything for awhile, because I have been working alot lately and not had the time and energy to write anything down.

I'm currently on holidays in Sydney (visiting family) I decided to pay for the Holiday by working a 2nd and 3 rd job over a short period to pay for it, rather than going into debt for it. This has got me to thinking about my strategy's....

It's strange I enjoy working, I enjoy starting a specific job, working at it and completing it. I get a sense of accomplishment. But I hate that fact I have to do crappy menial work. But then I guess most people hate there jobs. I'm particularly lucky in that my main job is one that I quite enjoy and is challenging and rewarding, whilst giving me great flexibilty in work hours.

At the moment I can earn more money by me working that I can by investing, this is short sited of me, but unavoidable. I intend to change this over time, however Rome wasn't built in a day. I strongly believe that without a strong foundation of a good work ethic, creating wealth would be even more fraught with troubles.

I have my 10 year plan in place, and that is what I'm working towards however slowly it seems at times.... I just have to maintain focus.

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